In today’s global environment and economy, interesting and important What Dana Translation can help You achievedocuments come in many languages. People and organizations often need to unlock the meaning within those documents with a perfect translation that conveys the intent of the document.

Many people don’t realize that languages don’t have a direct word-to-correlation, so a good translation requires an understanding of the nuances and shades of meaning in each language. Rules of grammar and the way people express themselves using figures of speech vary from culture to culture, and words with the same meaning may have different connotations that can slant the feeling that a translation conveys if chosen unwisely. That’s why machine translations so often go wrong, and why it pays to have a comprehensive translation service on your side.

At Dana Translation, we translate documents from Arabic to English and vice versa. Our experienced translators know how to select exactly the right word to convey the intended meaning, and they understand how to construct sentences so they are grammatically correct and make sense to the reader in either language.

In addition to translating documents, we can edit or proofread documents to ensure that they are error free and that the meaning is clear. We can even create content for you and your organization in either language.

Regardless of the services you select, the professionals at Dana Translation will provide careful, accurate and error-free documents and translations in English and in Arabic.

We appreciate fast and accurate Arabic – English translation and editing services of Dana Translation. We hope that this is only the beginning of a long and pleasant business relationship.

Ivan Lamykin, Translation Agency of Manitoba